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Connected Safety Services by Autoliv creates a revolutionary new customer journey. A results focused, smart phone based digital solution including crash detection and driver coaching.

UBI 2.0 and why it’s important

Managing risk in a world with ever smaller margins is critical. Historically, this has been done using demographic data to infer information about a client and their prospective risk profile. Once determined it is rarely if ever changed.

All insurers know that this method of categorising and banding customers is already out of date but there are few trustworthy alternate options. That is where Autoliv’s real life tested UBI 2.0 engagement solution fits in.

Test Driving Avatar for free

We offer a free try of our Driving Avatar application as to let the app convince you of the magic it brings about: a change in behaviour that in turn lowers claims and enables a win-win for you as an insurance company and for the end customer.

80% or higher accuracy in detecting high severity crashes

Grounded firmly in science, our model is crash tested in crash labs. Using advanced AI, Autoliv's crash-detection offering returns an 80% or higher level of accuracy. Autoliv’s model is also based on almost 70 years of real life crash data as well as feedback from our global network of 20 crash-labs

"We see that there are 15 percentage points less damage compared to ‘normal’ car products"

“The platform is used in a driving behavior proposition in the Netherlands. This has positive effects. We see that there are 15 percentage points less damage compared to ‘normal’ car products. In addition, we see that non-green drivers are more likely to be involved in accidents. By detecting the use of the mobile phone and including this in the score, this makes the user aware of his driving behavior and ensures better loss ratios”

“For every claim avoided we expect to see savings of 4,500 GBP.” - Peter Graham, CEO, Kudo

“A clear purpose for Kudo is to work with driving behavior to significantly reduce the frequency of claims and we see a very clear relation between the two. With our innovative model and setup and in working with Autoliv’s platform, we are seeing that we can achieve at least a 25% reduction in the number of claims and for every claim avoided we expect to see savings of 4,500 GBP. That is why understanding the driving behaviour becomes key for us” - Peter Graham, CEO Kudo

Autoliv is a Fortune 500 company that has been innovating automotive safety for almost 70 years. Autoliv’s vision of Saving More Lives guides our daily work. Life can change in a fraction of a second - and we have developed automotive safety systems with that moment in mind for over six decades. Each year, our products save more than 30,000 lives, products that must operate perfectly in milliseconds. Autoliv Digital Safety Services now bring you that same mindset to support your business, your customers and improve road safety.

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